The most overlooked aspect of golf is physical ability. Fix your body and fix your swing. More distance, less errant shots, play with more energy and enjoy low scores as a reward.

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Will Brett offers the same fitness screenings that the Pro's use. The TPI system compares your fitness to PGA Tour averages to determine your Golf Fitness Handicap and highlight any physical limitations. These physical limitations directly correlate to swing faults, so using the program improves your body to improve your swing. Through this fitness screen, a customized training program is created for you. 



How the Program Works

Will conducts initial and ongoing screenings and golf fitness training in the New York metropolitan area. He customizes a workout routine to meet your individual needs. This program is accessible online for your ease of use at the gym or at home; on your phone, tablet or computer. The program is easy to follow and can supplement your current workouts, or be used to develop a full fitness program. Learn more ›

Scientific Methods

Will employs the latest research and methods from the Titleist Performance Institute, the leader in golf fitness. Combining the TPI methods with those of the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and the best general fitness techniques, your custom program works to improve your mobility and stability, strength and power. This will boost your golfing and athletic performance— on and off the course. See results ›

Golf Specific Workouts

A great workout isn’t great if you aren’t going to do it. Will creates a training program designed just for you—something you'll be eager to do. Sessions are designed to be efficient and effective, often using minimal equipment, allowing workouts to be done almost anywhere. He integrates different fitness methods to maximize your potential, providing benefits for your golfing endeavors. Start here