Golf Training Tips: Speed Swings Part 3 (video)

To be completed after a 2min rest period. For Part 3 (Light) we are using a shaft from a 3wood gripping at the hosel (you could even use an alignment rod if you don't have a graphite shaft handy). Get into the tall kneeling position. Swing as fast as you can for 5-6 reps or until you cannot maintain 100% speed. Swing hard in both directions. Notice the sounds in both directions. If there is a distinct difference in the swoosh, the softer sound will mean a power discrepancy. These imbalances are usually on the non-dominant side and correspond to less power on this side of the body. Ideally the sounds will be almost identical or the same. Think of the non-dominant side as the braking system (brakes) of the body. You will only be able to swing as fast with a full golf swing as the brakes allow or you will fall out of posture and balance. If you show a huge difference in your swooshing (power), focus more on strengthening your non-dominant side and do more sets of swinging left handed at a 2:1 ratio.